“Flyga” is the Swedish word meaning “To Fly”


Now, full disclosure—we’re not Swedish. We wish we were. But we’re not. But we do visit Stockholm every single year, for one very specific reason… we collect the Swedish version of the IKEA Catalog. We know plenty of people who collect the English version, which led us to ask ourselves, “How can we do it BIGGER?” Flying to Stockholm every year and picking a few up? Perfect.

And in a strange way—that perfectly summarizes everything we do. First and foremost, we absolutely love travel. We’ve spent years on the road as backpackers and digital nomads. And we still do it. The world is an incredible place, and the more of it that we see, the more we realize how much we haven’t seen!

As an extension of that, we’re pretty big aviation geeks. If you’re not, let’s sit down sometime at the In-N-Out at LAX—we’ll guarantee within an hour, you’ll get it. But seriously, airplanes are SO COOL. With $1500, literally within 24 hours of right now, you could be almost anywhere on Earth! That blows our minds. Sometimes, when we’re not traveling for a few weeks, we’ll actually just go hang out at the airport… just because we enjoy the vibe.

But collecting IKEA catalogs?

Scandinavian Design. We love it. IT JUST WORKS. It’s the perfect blend of form and function. It’s never too much. It’s never too little. And it’s always well thought out. That mentality guides our design process as well. And after years of traveling, we realized something… literally every single souvenir in the world is the exact same…

and they all suck.

The world is a beautiful place, but all of the apparel and accessories that celebrate it aren’t. And that’s what we’re here to change. We’re not here for a quick money grab—if we were, we’d just sell shirts that say “Paris” or “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” But that’s not us. We’re not going to take the low-hanging fruit.

Instead, we draw from our experiences to create unique pieces which celebrate the world… without looking like it came from a 5-for-$10 deal at an NYC souvenir shop. Our goal is to design clothing that is as beautiful as the world it’s inspired by.

And we’re constantly asking ourselves, “How can we do this bigger!?” And just like we’re willing to fly to Stockholm every year to pick up a few paper catalogs, we’re going the extra mile to build a brand that celebrates the beautiful world we live in.